About web cookies for internet users*
and simple site webmasters**

The basics: Learn more about web cookies, definitions using simple words and simple English.
Alternate names: Internet cookies, http cookies, browser cookies.

Aims of the site

  1. For inexperienced* internet users: More and more frequently asked questions are appearing regarding internet cookies like cookie types, security issue, EU cookie law, how to block cookies etc. Webcookies.net wants to give simple explanation for most important basic questions about these cookies. More info on internet users FAQ page.
  2. For webmasters: I am webmaster for several websites, and EU cookie law has some requirements if my site uses cookies. Most of these websites use only Google Adsense - third party cookies (webcookies.net too). So I prepared general cookie policy page, where to link internet users if they want to get more information about cookies used on that webpage.
    If your site use only Google Adsense third party cookies, fill free to use this simple solution I prepared on this site. More info on cookies for webmasters page.
    Cookie policy page is multilingual, so if you can use it even if your website is not in English language.

My solution may be not enough into all countries, if necessary, visit ec.europa.eu for more information or consult a technology lawyer. Don’t forget to read the terms of use page too.

Notices, sources, links

* Inexperienced only in internet terminology and technology
**simple site = internet site use only third party cookies (like using Google Adsense)